Air Tight Inflatables


  • High visibility
  • Easy set up
  • Large surface printing
  • Without electric pump
  • Internal light is optional
  • Possibility to place banners interchangeable
  • Indoor and outdoor use is possible
  • Product for easy transport and storage

Air Tight Inflatables are a perfect item for all kinds of events and promotions for its ease of use and because it can reproduce exact replicas of any product, in different shapes and sizes.
They are made of polyurethane or PVC, different weights and high strength, digitally printed or screen printing. They can be directly printed or can be prepared with velcro to put banners, and so give it a more versatile use.
The inflatable structure is watertight, not motorized, which swells by an electric or manual pump. There is the option of putting inner light.
Air Tight Inflatables come with a carrying case and, in some cases, installation kit.
There are different shapes and sizes available, from a few centimeters to over 20m