Pneumatic inflatable tents X-Tent


  • High visibility
  • Easy set up
  • Large surface printing
  • No Point Light
  • Ceilings and walls interchangeable
  • Adaptable to any surface
  • Contemporary Aesthetics
  • Product for easy transport and storage

Pneumatic X-Tent Inflatable tents are a perfect item for all kinds of events and promotions for its ease of use and the presence that gets the brand advertised on them.
The X-Tent inflatable tents are made of polyester fabric, waterproof and fire retardant, Oxford digitally printed by sublimation D500. The sides can be printed on one or both sides.
Is inflatable pneumatic structure by using inner tubes made of high strength polyurethane.
The X-Tent inflatable tents come with a carrying case, manual and electric inflators and installation kit.
There are different shapes and sizes available, from 9m2 to 56m2, being able to connect together whatever the size.